What’s so great about Canada’s southernmost town?

A stroll down Main St. really gives you a sense of community.  A street sprinkled with character and family businesses gives you lots of options to crave everything from your sweet tooth, hunger and thirst…  You’ll even find a brewery attached to the beautiful Grove Hotel.

A short jaunt just outside of the core, you’ll find some of the most popular wineries where you can take tasting tours and host events from weddings, to showers and everything in between.

If you have little ones there’s plenty to do around.  Colasanti’s Tropical Gardens is the go to place for residents of Windsor / Essex county for fun low cost day out.  They have a petting zoo, arcade, rides, tropical green house and some of the best donuts you’ll ever have!  Kingsville is also home to some of the best kept parks around, from the beautiful historic Lakeside Park to your local playgrounds.  You’ll also find in some parks splash pads where you and your little ones can play and cool off in that summer time heat.

For nature lovers you can take a short ferry ride to Pelee Island.  On the island you’ll find some great dining, beautiful beaches, nature hikes and so much more.


A big part of choosing you forever home location is schools especially if you have kids or are planning on starting a family.  Kingsville’s schools consist of 4 grade schools, 3 public and 1 catholic as well as a public high school.

Kinsgville is located perfectly at the heart of Essex County making it just a short drive of about 35 minutes to St.Clair College and 40 minutes to the University of Windsor.

Benefits of living in Kingsville

A big piece of the pie that a lot of folks don’t think about is property taxes.  Kingsville is among the cheapest property tax class in Essex County.  What that means is plain and simple its cheaper to live in this beautiful southern town.

Let’s talk dollars and cents

We all know one of the biggest driving factors about where you’re going to live is how much it’s going to cost to be in a home in that area.  Luckily Kingsville’s median home price is about $207,000.  If your looking to relocate from Toronto / GTA you’re going to get a lot of house for your hard earned dollars.

Kingsville should be at the top of your list when choosing a location for your new home!

If you’re relocating from a larger urban core like Toronto, GTA, Brampton etc, Kingsville is a great choice.  You’re leaving a high dollar market to relocate to a relatively low dollar market, what you’ll find is homes similar to those in suburban areas of Toronto for a fraction of the price.  That means that at the end or your move you have more equity in your home and potentially more money in the bank.

What are you waiting for get packing!