The Lake…

The real draw to Belle River, a small community abutting the shore of Lake St. Clair, is the lake.  Known for its trophy fishing people come far and wide to get a chance at catching a record musky!  A revamped accessible beach with a pavilion, ample seating and even a snack shack draws locals from Windsor/Essex to spend their day soaking up the sun.

Boating and water sports is a real draw come summer time.  The town even hosts a water sports racing events during their annual Sunsplash festival.

If you love the water this is the place for you!

The community

You’ll find a diverse mix of residents in Belle River, from young families to retirees.  The community is home to a large assisted living facility as well as a zero maintenance retirement community.  With a quick stroll down Main street you’ll notice the town has all the necessary amenities from grocery stores, pharmacies, doctors, health service practitioners and more pizza joints then you can count on 2 hands!  You’ll find many local shops and stores peppered along Main street giving you that small town charm.

Just outside the main core you’ll find sub divisions with many young families who’ve chosen to live near the great schools of Belle River.

The schools

Belle River is home to 4 grade schools and 2 high schools.  For grade schools you have your choice of public, catholic, french catholic and public with french immersion option.  High school you’ll find a Catholic and Public high school with the public school offering french immersion options as well.

The fun stuff

If you have kids or are a kid at heart there’s plenty to do in this amazing little town.  You have the beach where you can spend all day soaking up the sun, or playing a little volleyball.  Down at the pier there’s also a splash pad where you can take your little ones to cool off!

If you know Belle River you know they’re passionate about hockey!  Everybody and their brother plays hockey in this town.  You’ll find a large portion of the community down at Atlas Tube Center, watching or playing the great Canadian sport.  In the rec center you’ll also find a pool where you can take swimming lessons take advantage of “free swim” hours.  On the rec center grounds you’ll find acres upon acres of soccer pitches!

The housing market.

You’ll find everything from a bargain bungalow to multi million dollar estates.  The median price in Windsor Essex county is around $262,000.  You’ll find home above and below the median in this area making this community very desirable from a real estate perspective.


If you’re looking to live in a beautiful community nestled on the lake, that’s only half an hour away from the city Belle River is the place for you!

Let’s get you moving!