Change is good.

With the changing of the seasons you start to feel rejuvenated, as you see the grass start to get greener and all that snow melt away you feel those winter blues melt away.  As the grass gets greener and the trees begin to bud, the winter procrastination goes away, and that spring time motivation takes over!

Take advantage of all that motivation and get a great buyer for a great price this spring!


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Spring is the best time!

Statistically spring is a great time to get your home on the market!  Year over year the sale price vs. list price increases in the spring and early summer months.  Much like bears coming out of hibernation we’re ready to get moving once that nice weather hits!

Chances are your home is worth more then you think.

The Windsor-Essex market continues to be very hot, with most homes selling well above asking price.  You may be surprised at value your home is hiding!  If you’re on the fence about selling your property, you should really consider a free Highest Price Analysis to help you make that life changing decision.

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