There’s no better time to sell then today!

There’s no promise of tomorrow but we do know that today is a great time to sell!  The numbers speak for themselves.  Since the start of spring the average close price (sale price) of a house is 104% of asking price.  What that means is 4% more money in your pocket!

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Let’s meet and get you the results you deserve!

Yes I’m a new agent to the market, but that isn’t a bad thing, what that means is your home isn’t one of many on my list, it’s my main focus and I’ll be eating, sleeping and breathing your home to get you the results you deserve!  What more can you ask for?  More money then you thought possible, 100% attention to your home, 100% marketing focus means results that get you moving!  Let me help you get to from on the fence to SOLD in under 2 weeks!  Check out what my clients have to say!

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It’s time to get motivated!

The winter blues take a toll on you and your home, spring is the time of year to get out of that slump, find that little bit of motivation and take the plunge!  You may be surprised at how much your house is worth this spring!  It doesn’t cost a dime to meet and discuss the value of your home you’ve been on the fence about selling!

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