House sales are growing year after year!

Windsor is know to be the cheapest real estate market in Canada!  This has always been great for buyers and not so great for sellers.

However the past three have shown a shift, sales in below 250K has fallen steadily and sales in the 250-600K range have climbed steadily!

Great, what does this all mean?…

Well if you’re a home owner and your house falls between 250-600K you’re right in Windsor’s sweet spot!

What’s the sweet spot?

The sweet spot is the spot where the vast majority of buyer are looking.  More eyes on your property means a bigger chance at multiple offers!

What’s multiple offers?

If you don’t live under a rock you know that Windsor real estate is multiple offer happy!  That means homes are listed and typically within a few days you have mutiples offers jumping at the chance to buy your house.

More buyers = More dough!

When selling a home, getting multiples offers is the goal.  This usually means you’re going to get much more than what you’re expecting!  Some sellers have described this market “like winning the lottery”.

What you think your house is worth is probably wrong.

Wait what?  Your neighbours house sold for 50K over asking so that makes yours worth that much more right?  Maybe, or maybe its even more!  Or a touch less.  The best way to find out is talking to an expert like us!  We’d like to tell you exactly what your house is worth just like every other Tom Dick and Harry out there.  But what we’d love to do is meet with you get to know you and find out more about you and your home then provide its value and a complimentary plan to help you reach your homestead goals!

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