Our real estate market is booming!

Windsor is finally starting to catch up to the rest of the country, house prices are steadily rising while the mortgage rates are staying low.  Buyer’s are in a great position to get homes that were out of reach before, and Seller’s are getting more then ever for their homes!

Reality Check!

Your house isn’t worth as much as you think!  You see all over social media people getting 50K or 100K over asking!  Great that means their house is worth that much more!  Just because Mr. Green’s home sold for way over asking doesn’t mean the same for every house on the block!

As a matter of fact I myself had a client who thought their home was worth 50-60K more than what we had told them to expect.  Their expectations simply didn’t match reality.  After listing the home, getting 4 written offers and driving the price well past asking they were disappointed.  Their perception was askew by what their neighbour two blocks over got for their home.

Getting in line

As a Realtor our job is to sell your house, or find you a “perfect” house.  A big part of getting in line is, getting your expectations in check with reality!  As much as we say “Yes” to all your wants and wishes you need someone who’s going to be honest with you, and that’s where we break away from the pack.

Honest and truthful Valuation

If someone is willing to tell you what your house is worth without ever setting foot inside, take that valuation and toss it!  It’s worth no more than the paper its written on!  It’s great to get an idea of what your home is worth online but the personal touch really is where its at!  When you’re ready for a real valuation from someone who really cares…


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