We specialize in providing Home Transitioning Services in Windsor and Essex County

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What makes us different from every other Realtor?

First off, we truly care about you and we feel our clients are truly our friends and family.

Second, we specialize in transitioning.  What that means is, you won’t find anyone that works as hard as us to help you sell your current home, and to find you the absolute perfect next home.  The best part is we also help you with every step along the way.  Find out how here!

Third, we’re full service at discounted rates!  What that means is you won’t find a Realtor in Windsor or Essex County that offers as many services as we do at our standard discounted rate!


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Welcome to the new age of Real Estate.  If you’re looking for a different approach to buying or selling your home you’ve come to the right place.

Selling and buying a home can be stressful, we want to make this downsizing transition as smooth and stress free as we can.

We care about you!  We specialize in offering home downsizing services for a reason.  What get’s us up in the morning is providing unmatched levels of service.  Working with us you’ll quickly notice how we’re different.

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We mean business!

Your 100% satisfaction is what we strive for!  If there’s a question you need answered we’re here to help.  You’re happiness is what drives us, we guarantee you’ll be happy with the home downsizing services we provide.  Our satisfaction guarantee is built right into everything we do, that’s why we offer you 1% lower commission right out of the gate!

Let’s take the time!

What puts us above the rest is our home downsizing plan.  We plan every step of selling your home, organizing movers, canceling utilities, communicating with lawyers and everything in between.  We also get to know you and what drives the decisions you make.  You might need three bedrooms, most Realtors say great and move on, we need to know why.  Our level of care truly sets us apart from the rest!